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Mobile App Development

python course fees in sholinganallur
Ingenious Mobile Application solution for your Thriving Business
Get service from a trusted company at an affordable price to boost up your business.

AMIGAIT is a leading mobile app development company in India, helping companies right from startups, small businesses to large enterprises design, develop and launch custom mobile apps.

Our expert planned and committed project management team believes that our clients must have a clear picture and understanding of the product to be built. As a matter of fact, we work as to provide a high creative fidelity towards UI Prototyping and its visualization known as Minimum Viable Product.

We create and design prototype for Android and iOS Mobile App Development. UI Prototyping includes mobile app prototyping, UI Design and app deployments.

  • iOS App Development Services
  • Android Apps Development Services

iOS App Development Services

We build apps with a focus on functional design, user experience and codebase performance.

We help companies stay at the forefront of the Apple ecosystem by offering innovative iOS app development services for mobile phones, tablets, wearables and TV. Hidden Brains helps businesses to launch applications that deliver consistent value at every step of the app development life cycle.

Our forward-thinking approach enables us deliver high-performance iOS applications in minimal timeframe. Hidden Brains has a pool of talented iOS developers and designers that build elegant applications considering the target audience of the app and current market trends to ensure maximum engagement.

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python course fees in sholinganallur
python course fees in sholinganallur

Android Apps Development Services

We address changing business and technology needs by building custom Android applications

AMIGAIT is a leading Android app development company in India helping uncover Android technology to solve toughest business problems–irrespective of the industry and domain. Our Android app development services will help transform business through robust implementation of new Android apps, architecture and tech. We’ll collaborate with you to define the right technologies—from the tech of today to the emerging tech of tomorrow.

We address changing business and technology needs by building custom Android applications using tools and languages specifically for Android platform such as Android studio, C, C++ HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java and Android’s Kotlin.

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python course fees in sholinganallur

We provide a basic outline of the UI Prototyping model before the build of actual application. This makes sure the customer is well knowledged about his order.


Essence of our Mobile App Development lies in fitting perfectly within your pre-decided budget and to devise optimal iOS app development


Our expert team of business analyses what exactly the customer need and design a perfect planning even before execution.


Each of our smaller particles are self-explanatory. However, we provide unlimited support to clarify your queries.

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